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Classic Chicken Burger

The no-frills, no-nonsense burger

Student Chicken Burger

Easy on the tummy and easier on the wallet

Hotouch Burger

A fiery feast set in a burger and guaranteed to keep you coming for more

Fish Burger

The seafood lover's wish come true

Tower Burger

For those I'm so hungry I could swallow a horse days

Buffalo Wings

A rich n' saucy appetizer

Chicken Lollipop

Finally a lollipop that isn't bad for teeth

Chicken Poppers

Because popcorn is so last season!

Chicken Wrap

The dizzy mix of Mexican Tortilla and spicy Chettinad chicken

Chicken Strips

Boneless chicken piece, breaded and deep Fried

Tandoori Nuggets

A mix of green chilly, coriander and potatoes and tandoori flavard with deep- fried

Tub Chicken

8 pic of Spicy, crispy, juicy chicken piece, breaded and deep Fried

Tandoori Wrap

Wrap of tortilla with breaded strips onion and lettuce dressed with Tandoori Spread.

Vegetable Burger

For the adventurous vegetarian

Student Veg Burger

When mom complains you don't eat enough vegetables

Panner Wrap

Wrap of Tortilla with Paneer filling Onion and Lettuce

Potato Wedges

Potatoes cuts in shape of wedges seasoned with herbs and deep-fried


Exotic juliennes cut of carrot, cabbage and capsicum dressed in veg mayonnaise and Sugar.


Mixed vegetable patty flavored with spices, deep-fried and dressed with lettuce and veg mayonnaise


The children's favourite snack

French Fries

Fries that never go out

Kiddy Meal

Mb kiddy meal comes with complete meal for kids with the toy( kiddy burger,smileys,drink and exciting toy)

Jelly With Icecream

The picture perfect combo of vanilla

Choco Berry

A thick smooth drink consists of fresh strawberry puree, chocolate sauce crushed together with ice cream and milk

Marry Choco Brown

A thick smooth drink consists of chocolate sauce, caramel sauce crushed together with brownie, ice cream and milk

MoMo Berry

A thick smooth drink consists of fresh strawberry puree Crushed together with ice cream, muffin and milk